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Our Expertise


Any type of manufacturing woul involve cutting, grinding and surface finishing. 


For localised jobs, power tools are the answer.

Angle Grinder - cutting, deburring, surface finich



and many others




Power Tools and Diamodn tools are a must for construction.and demolition.


Call us for:

Power tools - angle grinder, drill, rotary drill, hammer drill, demolition hammer, ciscular saw, chop saw and any kind of power tool


We supply the entire range of tools and accessories for the Power machines.

Diamond tools, saw blades, drill bit, core drill  bit etc.



Maintenance team need a set of machines and tools to restore and repair.


Civil,Electrical, Plumbing, Wood work, Demolition and such wortks need Power Tools and suitabel accessories. Call us for your needs.


The one source for Power Tolosla dn accessories for


  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Civil Work

  • Demilition

  • Kitchen Cabinet work

  • Stone Polishing

  • Epoxy Floor layer

  • Concrete floor layer

  • Tile layer

  • Fabrication shop

  • Metal working units

Service / Job Work units

Are you a skilled technician or service provider for maintenance and repair.


Do call us for the Power tols and accessories that you require for your trade.

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